Synopsis of ‘The Disadvantages…’

The Interactive brain controlled film “The Disadvantages of Time Travel” was presented in a vintage caravan, converted into a cinema. The Film tells the autobiographical story of Richard Ramchurn as a young boy growing up in rural Scotland, dealing with bullying, recalling childhood memories, repressed memories and dream memories. Like a distant memory the film is designed to change as it is viewed consciously and unconsciously.

The Film premiered in Liverpool in 2015 at FACT HQ as part of The Performing Data Project.  Audiences experienced a unique interactive experience as live brain data controlled the film through an EEG Brain Reader.

As part of The #Scanners project the research about the film won Best Art Paper at CHI 2016, and further research enabled several people to be plugged in and controlling the film at the same time.

Here you can see Richard present a TED Talk about the film.