Our New Mobile Cinema

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Published: Apr 4th, 2017

In 2015 we screened The Disadvantages of Time Travel in a vintage caravan that had been converted into a cinema. AND Festival had one built for a project where caravans were converted into various art venues and we were luck enough to get access to it.    Now with the new brain controlled movie we are making –The MOMENT we have secured funding from the EPSRC’s Telling Tales Of Engagement to build our own caravan. Arts organization Arciform, the company who made the original mobile cinema will be making a bigger and better one.

Our Mobile Cinema will allow us to bring our film to remote communities that don’t have access to arts venues, as well as being a base of operations for brain controlled cinema workshops. Expect us to be rocking up near you at some point in 2018.


Announcing our new brain controlled film The MOMENT

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Published: Apr 4th, 2017


For the past year and a bit I have been learning all I can about BCI and interactive narrative, and how people interact with brain controlled film.

Now we are in pre production on our new brain controlled film The MOMENT. Set in the near future during a war on consciousness, it asks how we can rebel against surveillance capitalism when our thoughts are monitored.

Its inspired by current moves by tech giants such as Google and Elon Musk who believe that for humanity to survive the coming of age of artificial intelligence people will have to augment their minds with neural implants. And asks what happens to the people that don’t fit into this brave new world.

We currently have support from B3 Media, the Foundation of Art and Creative Technology (FACT), EPSRC and The University of Nottingham.


#Scanners 2016 Screenings

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Published: Aug 24th, 2016

This August and September I will be taking the brain controlled film “The Disadvantages of Time Travel” to a number of cities across the UK. The screenings are free and you will be able to input into the next iteration of the project.

London, 26th August 2016, 101 Euston Rd
Book for London.
Dundee, The Space, Dundee and Angus Collage
Book for Dundee.

#Scanners: The Den

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Published: Apr 15th, 2016


So I spent a month in New York over Christmas, working with my long time collaborator Baba Israel partly completing The Spinning Wheel theatre show which will be touring the UK in June and also creating an installation at BRIC in Brooklyn.

bric, image: Lesser

The installation was a continuation of the #Scanners project, my artistic exploration of brain computer interfaces. A recreation of New York counter culture icon steve ben israel’s den, a space where he used to hold court, entertain and open peoples’ minds. I designed a piece of interactive art that attempted to elicit a meditative brain state. steve ben said that he was trying to raise peoples’ consciousness I took that as my cue for the motivation for the interaction. Ive been working with the steve ben’s archive since 2014 and it was great to pull out some of the gems in there, his appearance on public access TV, his performance of ‘Attica’ and his recording of his song ‘You’ve gotta get your self a third eye’ are personal highlights for me.


The installation ran for 20 days in January and was part of the The Spinning Wheel Festival.

#Scanners Update January 2015

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Published: Jan 28th, 2015

So our kickstarter was successful! Which was brilliant- thanks to all who shared and especially those who contributed. We also had a successful Arts Council bid, and support from B3 Media. We are now collaborating with the Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University to create a new version of the #Scanners platform that will tour from June this year.
Preproduction is going well, we have our crew and we will be filming in April. We have been getting some really nice interest from national and international press. I will also be presenting at the world famous IIeX conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands on the 18 – 19th February 2015.

W00t – Copenhagen

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Published: May 15th, 2013

The newly formed w00t Copenhagen Play Festival encourages and engages players of all ages to participate and enjoy street games, kids games, games workshops, board games and game talks.

w00t Festival is a new outdoor space for playing and learning more about games, taking place from the 25th-26th May 2013 at KU.BE in Flintholme.

AlbinoMosquito are excited to be showcasing a new research & development prototype that we have been working on in partnership with Salford University, Manchester.

We have developed a visual platform that allows each user to take part in a unique, emotional and very personal journey that gives the test subjects a new way of creating their own visual narrative.

Gamers are invited to step inside our booth and engage in a multi-sensory experience, that we will be monitoring so to developing our software further.

Please come and see us and be part of this revolutionary experience, we can’t wait!



ScreenLab Series MediaCityUK 0x02

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Published: Jan 9th, 2013

ScreenLab/MediaCityUK located at Salford University, is an internal artist residence initiative by     Elliot Woods and Kit Turner to explore modes of perception and interaction under the theme ‘Future of Broadcast’. For 10 days, internationally-renowned digital media artists Kyle McDonald, Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ), and Joel Gethin Lewis (Hellicar and Lewis) were invited to the University of Salford to prototype works which explore new modes of perception and interaction at the arts-technology crossover.

Using the incredible space that is the ‘Octave’, which consists of 14 projectors with a combination of projection mapping techniques, motion capture and wave field synthesis technologies, the installation creates an absorbing, immersive, single-person audiovisual experience. French visual artist Joanie Lemercier and Brooklyn based media artist Kyle McDonald are the first artists to be invited to create work using the Octave, virtual reality suite to create their exhibition entitled Aether.

Interactive artist and designer, Joel Gethin Lewis worked with photographer Richard Meftah to explore low light photography techniques. Gateway/Portal presents cinematic and emotive portraits coupled with an interactive high resolution screen installation that simulates a light beam controlled interactively by the viewers movements.

AlbinoMosquito have been ever present throughout the creative process capturing visuals and working with the artists to showcase their cutting edge technology and ideas. It has been a perfect collaboration between AlbinoMosquito and the artists involved as both share a passion for innovation and creativity in their respective fields. A film documenting the process and showing how the work evolved, along with info on the artists themselves will be put up on the Creative Applications Network.